Ambassador Application
Welcome future innovators!

Hello Leaders. We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to learn with global exposure in this advanced world. We create opportunities for everyone so they can grow and be motivated to be the solution for global issues.

How can you help?

As an Index Chain Ambassador you will be tasked with the mission of engaging with your peers to inform them about Index Chain and the potential it has to revolutionize cryptocurrencies. You will be encouraged to spread the word across campus and your local community to share in the excitement. Creativity and ingenuity will be your best friend on this endeavor, for there are no limits to the approaches you can take! In case you need a starting reference point, we have listed some ideas of our own below:

Experience is key!
Let others know about your experience with Index!

Holding seminars and tutorial sessions is a great way to reach out!

Have an online presence!
Many people ask questions on online forums and you can be there to answer them!

Take the initiative!
Learn about other Index inventions and share the knowledge!

Remember, we always appreciate any and all feedback you can give us!

Most importantly have fun with it! Your excitement will get others excited as well!


If you feel like this is a perfect fit for you, then we look forward to receiving your application. Please keep in mind that the blue boxes provide you with crucial information and extra details on the application form, and we need all the information you submit to be correct. After receiving your form, our team will consider your application and contact you in due time.