Index Chain is anonymous or convencional Cryptocurrency. You choice. Our system is Hibryd ( Pos / Pow / Masternodes ). The idea of use for a fully anonymous and hybrid system simultaneously containing the 3 options of mining for each investor profile, thus providing asset movement as well as wider use of the network making it safer and easier for people, traders and customers perform transactions fast and zero bureaucracy.

  • Fast movement with lower cost of micro and macro operations.
  • Connection in interactive gateways.
  • Total Anonymous
  • Low rates, a cryptocurrency has the highest chance that users will ever use it on a daily basis. Index Chain is easy to use, easy to spend and easy to accept money.

Index is hybrid cryptocurrency focused on blockchain network based in privacy and anonymity, simultaneously containing the 3 mining types: PoW, PoS and Masternode. IndexChain allowed user identities to remain protected while ensuring contract transparency. It is a system that can break the link in individual Bitcoin transactions to add anonymity - without adding any trusted parties, minimizing the risk of tampering or unnecessary exposure. Using Index did not imply changes to the standard cryptographic assumptions as it could actively use the current ones with the new extensions. The sigma protocol was introduced to Index along with the Lelantus update - a Zerocoin extension that was used in Index to further enhance it. more.
The technology specifications differentiate the Index from other prominent cryptocurrencies.

  • Masternodes
  • 0 fee
  • Hybrid System
  • Trustless Setup by Sigma Protocol
  • Tor / 12P Integration for Anonymity
  • Stealth Addresses / Payment Codes
  • Fast and Safe

Definitions on these and many other additional features, you can search and learn more by visiting the Index whitepaper

Index is a hybrid currency simultaneously containing the 3 types of mining: PoW, PoS and Masternode.
Index Chain (IDX) can be mined in any conventional way, you can choose the best form of mining.
% blocks:
POW (25%) - POS (15%) - MASTERNODE (50%)

Yes. For each masternode 5000 IDX is required

For general questions about Index Chain, user questions, wallet questions, and developer questions, please join us on the social media channels linked at the bottom of this page. You can also reach us using the Contact us page.

Contact us in our BUG REPORT page.
This will be reviewed and you will be rewarded based on the size of your finding. This will also help keep Index stable by making a network safer and more reliable.

Total supply is 370.000.000
Block Time is 60 seconds ( 1 minute )
Block Reward is 3 . % in
20(0.5) %Pow * 30%(1 coin) POS * 50%(1.5coins) Masternode

Dandelion++ defends against stronger adversaries that are allowed to disobey protocol. Dandelion++ is lightweight, scalable, and completely interoperable with the existing Bitcoin network. We evaluate it through experiments on Bitcoin's mainnet (i.e., the live Bitcoin network) to demonstrate its interoperability and low broadcast latency overhead.

Blockchain is a public ledger of all transactions ever processed using Dash. Each transaction is verified with a unique signature that can only be created by the true sender, which also serves to ensure that it is not possible to fraudulently spend the same balance twice. Transactions are written to blocks, which are produced and secured every 2.5 minutes by advanced cryptographic algorithms in a process known as mining.

You can buy Index Chain on exchanges(link) as shown in CoinMarketCap or in our page Exchanges.

A mnemonic seed is a set of 25 words that can be used to restore your account anywhere. Keep these words safe and do not share them with someone else. You can use this seed to restore your account, even if your computer crashes.

There is no minimum and you can stake with very small amounts of INDEX. You will need more coins for a realistic probability of winning a block reward. Block rewards are awarded in a random lottery process. The odds of winning depend on the number of coins in your wallet vs. the total number of coins being staked on the network.

The Sigma privacy protocol represents a very important innovation in blockchain privacy as it combines the high privacy of zero knowledge proof schemes without many of its associated drawbacks. It provides a compelling alternative to zkSNARKs which has very high anonymity and great performance but does this at the cost of trusted setup, exotic cryptography and complicated constructions that are prone to errors.

Each exchange has a different process for trading INDEX and its customer support, policies and practices may vary widely. It is advisable to do your own due diligence before relying on any third party or third party technology. Note: Like the gateways, exchanges are independently owned and operated companies, INDEX has no power or authority to escalate or troubleshoot individual exchanges.

Yes, it is possible.
You can choose whatever suits you best.